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Our company, which started its activities in 1976, serves in electrical and electro-
mechanical sector. In the time course from its first day founded to today, with
periodically manufacturing facility and machine investments, while keeping up with
nowadays manufacturing technology and speed, with our products of which we ever
made no compromise in quality, we live the legitimate pride of reaching to our customers.
By this time, in addition to our countless references, we had in manufacturing
sector, we successfully completed plenty of nationwide turnkey projects such as
energy transfer lines, residential power plants, highway lightening systems with control
center set up, pole or building type transformer center with tunnel electrification and
central control units set up, industrial and social facilities’ complete electrical projects
productions and applications.
With over 30 years of sector experience, TSE-EN 60439-1, TEDAS specifications, ISO
9001:2008 quality management system, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety
management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, with product reliability
was approved at international accredited laboratories, production and management quality of
our company which are well accepted at nationwide and internationally, products of which all
manufacturing that are done at its own facilities are:
Medium Voltage Switchgears
Concrete and Sheet metal transformer kiosks
Indoor and outdoor enclosures
Control enclosures
Automatic capacitor banks
Sheet metal enclosures
Primary and secondary distribution switchgears
MCC panels
Lighting panels
19” Rack Cabin Systems
Cable Trays
Our firm, which added Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears to its productions too in recent
years, serves you with having wide range of Modular Switchgears, which are designed to use
at energy distribution systems up to 36 kV, approved by testing at internationally accredited
test laboratories, too.
Our company, which has a principle of being pioneer to its sector, aims to keep customer
satisfaction on the rise with its product and service quality while keeping its leader and
pioneer position by combining its endless energy with R&D department.


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