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PVC Sewage Water Pipes and Fittings are used in villas and multi-storey residences, hospitals, schools, hotels, industrial and sportive etc. Being ecological and economical in buildings and preserving its physical structure up to 60ºC, they ensure that the building foundation and indoor sewage water is discharged through PVC pipes in an ideal and safe way without leaking, for long-term use. Thanks to its smooth, bright inner and outer surfaces, there is no sediment and accumulation in the sewage water installation, no bacteria, odor, clogging and flow performance loss. No flaking or peeling occurs on the pipe surfaces. ISIN PVC sewage waste water pipes and fittings, produced from hard PVC raw material, which ‘difficult flammable building material’ class defined as B1 in DIN 4102 standards and National Fire Regulations. ISIN PVC-based Sewage Water Pipes and Fittings do not catch fire easly  and do not allow the passage of fire between floors. PVC sewage water

 pipes and fittings are absolutely leak-proof thanks to their "o-ring" gasket and fully compatible gasket seat. Thanks to its easy attachment and detachment, the evacuation system can be assembled quickly and without cutting, bending, gluing, etc. does not requires grueling work. The sewage water discharge system made of ISIN PVC pipes and fittings successfully meets the sealing performance test. This test performed by giving water to the system for 15 minutes while bar pressure 0.5. ISIN PVC Sewage Water Pipes and Fittings have 50 to 315 mm diameter 150 to 6000 mm length options it provides any kind of need about water drainage. Production is made in SO type according to TS 275-1 EN 1329-1 standard. 

SO type sewage water pipes are used inside and outside the buildings to suitable

 distance to wall or under the ground.




Products should be stored at tropical temperatures, flat and free from sharp stones or piles, to a maximum height of 1.5 meters with sockets at alternate ends on 

75 mm square timber on 1.5 meters centres.

U-PVC is a tough and flexible material, but careless handling can cause damage. Extra care is required in very hot or cold conditions. ISIN PVC Sewage Water Pipes and Fittings can be easily stacked on top of each other and telescopically thanks to their rigid feature, thus providing advantages in stocking and transportation.


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