STD Transformator was established in 2009 in Adana, Turkey as a manufacture rand repair & maintenance service provider of Oil-immersed Power and

Distribution Transformers.

being one of the most respected and reputable Turkish producers in the field of

small and medium power and distribution transformers production. Our Company

produces various types of transformers of different power and voltage complying

with international standards such as IEC 60076, EU 548, ANSI, BSI, IEEE, NEMA,

TS EN 60076, IS:2026 under its registered 'STD' brand within the scope of ISO

9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

Our company owns significant knowledge and expertise in transformers business

Since its establishment, our company aimed controllable and continuous growth

and has a sustainable growth capacity thanks to our vision on quality and customer

satisfaction in all its services and products without any compromise.

By virtue of product quality and innovation policies, STD Transformator became

pioneer manufacturer of transformers in Turkey and today exports more than 90%

of its production to 38 countries.

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STD Dry Type Transformers have at least one of the two windings placed in an autoclave mold with epoxide resin at near-zero vacuum values. The other winding can also be cast in class H.

STD Dry Type Transformers have reached a high degree of reliability thanks to the technological developments in recent years. Our production is not limited to E2, C2, F1 standards, but also in accordance with E3 (IEC 60076-16) and C4 (GOST-R), high humidity and pollution rate, low installation up to -60° C. can be used at temperatures Therefore, it eliminates the problems related to fire risks and toxic and harmful substance emissions in case of fire.

As they are made entirely with insulating, flame retardant and self-extinguishing materials, they are completely free of all the restrictions on fire hazard that should normally be applied to flammable equipment.

Oil Immersed Hermetically Sealed Transformer

Oil-type hermetic transformers are normally produced with a closed tank equipped with fins that allow expansion during temperature changes. The tightness of the tank is up to 0.5 Bar. This type of transformer is the most used transformer type in the world. In hermetically insulated transformer, oil does not come into contact with air and its electrical properties are not compromised, extending the life of the transformer. At powers exceeding 3150kVA or in a transformer with a radiator, the transformer can still be hermetically sealed by means of a nitrogen pad.

For such transformers, the expansion of the insulating fluid is compensated by the elastic deformation of the oil cooling radiators attached to the tank. Protection against internal faults is provided by a DGPT device: Detection of Gas, Internal Overpressure and Oil Overtemperature.

Oil Immersed Transformer

For some applications, the transformer (hermetic or with a tank, wavewall or radiator) has a customized tank design to allow the connection of other components in the transformer cabinet.

These appliances can be a MV or LV circuit breaker or switch. For some markets, MV and LV terminals are designed to be on the side, allowing the transformer to be inspected with the help of the porthole by opening the transformer cover.

Oil Immersed Transformer With Conservator

Free breathing transformers are equipped with an under-cover airbag or a casing to allow the oil to expand during temperature changes. Because it is not hermetic, the oil is always in contact with the air. Moisture is blocked by the use of dehydrated salts (aeration) contained in special filters. The tank can be fins or radiators. This design is valid for all powers (especially 4000kVA and above). For higher powers and to avoid contact between oil and air, a rubber separator (rubber bag) or nitrogen pad is used.

Such transformers are equipped with an expansion tank or conservator mounted above the main tank. The expansion of the insulating fluid is balanced inside the housing by the rising oil level. In the conservator, the top of the oil is in contact with air, which must remain dry to prevent oxidation. This is accomplished by removing outside air from the enclosure by means of a desiccant containing silica gel crystals.

Certificate of Conformity Electric

Accreditation Certificate


DIN EN ISO 14001

DIN EN ISO 45001

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